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Time Line


The Ancient Near East


6th millennium BC to the 6th century BC
Prior to the rise of the Persian Empire



B.C. Mesopotamia Iran Syria Anatolia

South           North

6000 Hassuna Susiana a Amuq A Catal Hüyük
Ubaid 1 Samarra Susiana b Amuq B
Ubaid 2 Halaf Susiana c Amuq C
4000 Ubaid 3 Northern Ubaid Susiana d Amuq D
Ubaid 4 Early Gawra Susa A Amuq E
Susa B
Uruk Late Gawra Amuq G
Susa C
3000 Jamdat Nasr
Early Dynastic Susa D Amuq H
Akkad Kings of awan Amuq I Alishar
Post-Akkad Kings of Simashki Amuq J Alaca Hüyük
Ur III (Neo Sumerian)
Isin-Larsa Old Assyrian Old Elamite Mari Age Karum II
Alalakh VII Karum Ib
Old Babylonian Old Hittite
1500 Middle Assyrian Alalakh IV Hittite Empire
Kassites Mitanni Kingdom
Nuzi (Mitanni)
Middle Elamite Ugarit
1000 Neo-Assyrian Neo-Elamite Phygians
Neo-Babylonian Rise of Medes Neo-Hittite
Persian Empire 550 -330 B.C.
Achaemenid Dynasty
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