Anavian Gallery was founded in 1973 by Habib Anavian (1915-1995) . As a purveyor of fine Ancient & Islamic works of art, Anavian Gallery has supplied many of the most significant pieces in the field today. In almost every major museum and every significant private collection of Ancient Near Eastern and Islamic Art you will find pieces that were furnished by Anavian Gallery.

Since 1992 Anavian Gallery has been owned and operated by Paul Anavian who has maintained the same level of excellence achieved by his late father. He continues to seek out and acquire rare and significant artifacts in the realm of Ancient Near Eastern and Islamic works of art.

At Anavian Gallery, customer satisfaction is the primary consideration.

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  The Logo is from a family heirloom.  A Red Garnet Stamp Seal from the Sasanian Dynasty circa 4th - 6th century AD and belonged to someone in the Royal Court.  "The ram was considered to be a manifestation of the god Verethragna and was also a symbol of the xwarrah, the 'royal glory'." (Excerpt taken from The Royal Hunter, Art of The Sasanian Empire by Prudence Oliver Harper)


Habib Anavian:

Fellow for life of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, from 1967

 CO-founded the firm of "Farhardi & Anavian" in the early 1960's,

Opened Anavian Gallery in 1973

Publications by, Habib Anavian

1.   "Iranian Art from the 5th Millennium BC to the 7th Century AD"

2.   "Ancient Near Eastern Cylinder and Stamp Seals from the Early 6th Millennium BC to 651 AD"

3.    "Iranian Art from the 8th to 19th Century"

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