Time Line Of The Ancient Near East
Prior to the rise of the Persian Empire

Historical Facts






North Central


Late Neolithic Period farming, villages, pottery

Chalcolithic Period
Copper tools, stamp seal


Urbanization. Potter's wheel, cylinder seals.

Bronze Age. City states, early dynasties


Akkadian Empire
Eshnunna law code


Code of Hammurabi


Iron Age


Medes, Sythians, Manneans in Iran

Hassuna Guran
Samarra/Halaf sarab Sialk I
5000 Ubaid Period Susiana a Yahya VI
Giyan V A Susiana b Sialk II
Susiana c Yahya V
4000 Giyan V B Susiana d Sialk III Tall-i Ilbis 1&2
Susa A Tahaya IV C
3500 Uruk Period Giyan V C Susa B Hissar I Tall-i Lblis 3
Giyan V D
3000 Jamdat Nasr Period Susa C Yahya IV B
Susa D Hissar II Tall-i Iblis 4&5
2500 Sialk IV Yahay IV A
Akkadian Period Giyan IV Shahdad
Neo-Sumerian Hissar III
2000 Isin-Larsa Period
Old Babylonian Period Old Elamite Period
1500 Kassite Period Middle Elamite Period
Hasanlu V
Marlik; Khurvin
1000 Hasanlu IV Sialk A
Neo- Assyrian Period Neo-Elamite Period Sialk B
Neo-Babylonian Period
Persian Empire 550 -330 B.C.
Achaemenid Dynasty
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